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The Corrections Division of the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for housing incarcerated persons, who are awaiting trial or transfer to the State of Alabama’s Department of Corrections. The Corrections Division  maintains an average population of 130 inmates. The staff assigned to the Corrections Division are committed to providing a safe and secure environment in a professional manner.

The facility has on-site medical services. Law libraries and adult educational services are available at the  facility.  Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office Roadside Trash Cleanup detail operates out of the facility. Non-violent, convicted persons work on this detail, cleaning up Lawrence County roadways.


   Inmate Worker Program

The Lawrence County Detention Center also has an active work release program for both male and female inmates.  Those inmates who participate in work release have been vetted and classified as suitable candidates for the program. Those inmates qualifying for the work release programs are housed in dormitory type facilities equipped with bunk beds.  The work release program allows sentenced defendants to go into the community in the Lawrence County area and have gainful employment with various companies and businesses who are instrumental in support of the work release program.  Work release allows inmates to earn an income while incarcerated. 

  Additionally, sentenced inmates serving short custodial prison terms and, who are also under court ordered obligation to pay court costs, fines, restitution and child support, are able to financially contribute to those assigned debts through working.  Work release allows the individual inmate to develop skills and sometimes a trade.  In many instances upon their release from incarceration, inmates go on to obtain full time employment with these participating businesses, lowering the rate of criminal recidivism.


Inmate Visitation

Schedule Your Visit

The Lawrence County Detention Facility offers video visitation to detainees or visitorsFollow these quick and easy steps before your visit.

1) Register Online – Before you can schedule your visit online, you must first register to create an account. You can register online or at the kiosk located in the lobby of the detention facility.

2) Access the internet -To register online, visit or call customer service at 866-340-7879

3) Complete the online form– Fill out the required information including a valid email address. If you do not have a valid email address, you can obtain an email address at no cost by registering with any of the following email providers: Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Outlook.

4) Save your visitor ID and password – It’s important to keep your visitor ID and password secure and accessible when you need it. Online scheduling won’t work without the visitor ID and password.


Inmate Mail

Correspondence may be sent to an inmate at the below listed address:

Lawrence County Detention Center
Inmate Full Name
242 Parker Road
Moulton, Al 35650

Note: No items other than greeting cards and photos (No Polaroid) are to be included in any correspondence mailed to individuals in custody! Correspondence deemed offensive, sexually explicit or any material that pose a risk to the security of the facility will be returned to sender. Funds should be deposited as described in Inmate Accounts.
Inmates may receive books, magazines or periodicals directly from the publisher or on-line distributor (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc.). Hard bound books will not be accepted.



 A bond can be made one of three ways:

  1.        Cash Bond-Pay the total amount of the bond at the clerk’s office, inside the courthouse. Bring a copy of the receipt to the jail.     

 2.        Property Bond-Obtain a property assessment printout from the Revenue Commissioners office, inside the courthouse. Bring the property assessment printout to the jail for review. Property must be valued at the total amount of the bond or greater than the total amount of the bond.  More than one property assessment can be used to make a bond, in which case the property values will be added together. All people listed on the property assessment must be present to sign the bond.

 3.        Bail Bondsman-The bonding company must be licensed in Lawrence County.   Bonding agencies licensed in Lawrence County: #1 Bail Bonding, 4-A Bail Bonds Inc.,  Three (3) Sisters, American Bail Bonding, Northwest Alabama Bail Bonding

 ALL bonds also require a $35.00 bond-filing fee in the form of a money order. The money order should be made out to the Lawrence County Circuit Clerk / or if Arrested by a Municipality (example) Moulton Municipal Court . This should be given to an officer in the jail during the bonding out process. (Neither cash nor personal checks will be accepted).

  For questions concerning bonds, contact the jail at 256-974-2550.





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