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Special Services Unit

The Special Services Unit for the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office contains many different factions, including Criminal Investigation, Drug Unit, School Resource Unit, Judicial Protection, and Professional Standards. The personnel in these divisions operate in unique roles beyond patrol services that most citizens associate with the Sheriff’s office. Learn more about each of these divisions below:

Criminal Investigation Division

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division is composed of both general and narcotics investigators.  CID is primarily responsible for the investigation of all felony related crimes and certain misdemeanors, upon request of the Sheriff or, a designee thereof. CID Investigators are on call 24 hours a day, and are able to respond to any emergency that requires investigative assistance or support.

CID Functions

General Investigations primarily investigates all felony related crimes – and lessor crimes upon the direction of the Sheriff.

  • Respond to all major crime scenes
  • Create case files from assigned cases
  • Conduct death investigations
  • Conduct/Investigate any/all persons crimes
  • Conduct/Investigate any/all property crimes
  • Conduct missing persons investigations
  • Coordinate cases designated for prosecution with the District Attorney and Attorney General’s Office
  • Assist/ Coordinate with other Local, State and Federal investigative agencies/units
  • Conduct sensitive or special interest investigations at the direction of the Sheriff

Drug Unit

The narcotics investigators handle all drug related crimes. These investigators generate cases through confidential contacts, but also work cases that originate from other divisions within the department.  Works as a part of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Region E Drug Task Force.

  • Conduct undercover drug investigations/eradication
  • Conduct undercover surveillance
  • Conduct undercover buys
  • Conduct drug search warrants
  • Coordinate cases designated for prosecution with the District Attorney’s Office and the D.E.A.
  • Assist/Coordinate with other Local, State and Federal narcotics agencies/units

School Resource Officer Unit

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Division is composed of both full time and part time certified deputies that serve 6 campuses located throughout Lawrence County. SROs are responsible for the safety of the students, faculty, and visitors as well as keeping security and order at the school facilities. More importantly, SROs develop positive relationships with students and faculty alike and serve as positive role models for students at their respective assigned schools. SROs also help conduct safety plans, safety drills, periodic campus patrols and embrace the community policing approach. School Resource Officers complete Basic SRO training and certification through the National Association of School Resource Officers as well as active threat response training.

Judicial Protection

Judicial Protection is responsible for security of judges, judicial staff, court employees and the general public visiting the courthouse, probate offices, revenue commissioner, and juvenile court. This is accomplished by the presence of deputies, judicial protection officers,  and a screening process at the entrance of courthouse buildings.

To assist in the security screening process please arrive fifteen to thirty minutes prior to any court proceeding or appearance you have been ordered or wish to attend. Cell phones and other electronic devices including laptop computers and smartwatches are prohibited. Please leave these items at home or secured in your vehicle. No weapons are allowed inside the judicial building.

Professional Standards

The Sheriff’s Office Professional Standards cadre ensures that each officer completes advanced and in-service training each year. Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training require that each officer completes a minimum of 12 hours every year. In 2019 the Sheriff’s Office instituted a minimum of 24 hours per year training hours. Annual in-service hours for firearms, taser, chemical spray, etc. does not count towards training hours, and is in addition to the 24 hour training advanced training.