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What does the civil process look like?

Sheriff’s Office personnel attempt delivery of legal process to the individuals to be served. This is based on the address provided by the court. If we are unable to locate the subject of the process, a notice is left with contact and pickup information. If you receive a notice, you can call the Sheriff’s Office to arrange delivery of the process or you can come to the office and pick up the papers.

Contact Information:  256-974-2500
242 Parker Road, Moulton, Alabama  
Civil Process

The State of Alabama confers on the Sheriff, the duty of executing and serving the process on the defendant of a civil lawsuit. Ala. Code § 36-22-3(a)(1). State law requires strict compliance with the rules of service of process specified in Rule 4 of the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure. (Ex parte Shuttleworth, 410 So. 2d 896, 900 (Ala. 1981)?) The purpose of service is to notify or inform the defendant of the action filed against him or her. Moore v. Moore, 424 So. 2d 1312, 1314 (Ala. Civ. App 1982). Failure to accomplish this purpose could render any judgment made against the defendant void. Sams v. Equitable Life Assurance Soc’y, 402 So. 2d 999, 1001 (Ala. Civ. App. 1981).